Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Orange County Air Conditioning Repair: Debunking 5 Common AC Myths

The Internet provides all its users with a vast resource for information—with just a few clicks, you can easily find a wealth of info on every topic that you want to learn about. Unfortunately, not all info that you find on the web is reliable. Your trusty Orange County air conditioner repair professionals would like to help you debunk some common air conditioning myths so you can save money and stay cooler this summer:

Myth #1: Dropping your thermostat to its lowest setting will cool your space faster

This is generally untrue. Cranking up the thermostat only wastes energy and won’t make your room any cooler, because the truth is that your AC will deliver cool air at the same rate regardless of how low you set your AC’s thermostat. The exception to this is when your AC uses a low, medium, and high setting instead of a thermostat.


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