Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Energy-efficient Air Conditioner: Cooling Your Home For Less

The choices you make at home affect your overall energy costs. Selecting the right air conditioning system for your home in Orange County plays a key role in saving energy and a big chunk on your budget. The more we use electricity to power our appliances and electronics at home, the more the electric bill rises. Nothing can make homeowners happier than using an energy-efficient product that will not only beat the heat of springtime but will also reduce energy consumption and production of greenhouse gasses. Read more...

The Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning in Orange County Homes

Orange County is a place known for its sunny climate. With minimal annual rainfall, high humidity and a yearly average of 278 sunny days, it is no surprise that residents of Orange County invest heavily into an air conditioning system to keep themselves from overheating. There are numerous benefits to having air conditioning in your Orange County home, as long as the installation process is done by a professional. With proper expertise, you will have a unit that will last for years at maximum efficiency, giving you the fantastic advantages that come with owning such systems. Improving Air Quality Besides providing you and your loved ones with a comfortable home environment that keeps all of you feeling cool and refreshed, air conditioning has been known to improve the air quality in your home by reducing indoor air pollution. Indoor air is typically far more polluted than outdoor air, particularly if the home in question has its windows and doors closed at all times.

Monday, April 25, 2016

4 Signs that Your Heating System Already Needs Heater Repair Services

Even if you do live in a wonderfully temperate locale such as Orange County, having a HVAC unit is a must. With both cooling and heating functions, the HVAC unit is able to help homeowners save space in a situation where two separate units are usually required. Most HVAC units are able to last a minimum of 10 years. However, after this point, the efficiency of the unit tends to slow down significantly, making people question whether the unit requires repairs or replacements. Thankfully, there are some signs that you can look out for when it comes to needing heater repair in Orange County that will indicate which option will be effective and cost-saving in the long run. Age of the Unit If you have a unit that is past the eight year mark, there is a high possibility that the technology behind it has been upgraded and the company carrying the product will encourage you to get the latest model.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beat The Heat: Spring Air Conditioning Tips

Beat The Heat: Spring Air Conditioning Tips

Make sure your air conditioning system is ready to beat the heat this spring. Let us learn some strategies on how to beat the heat here in Orange County this warm spring season and check some tips to save energy and money while you are keeping your home cool. Saving energy and utility bill while staying cool at home is simple, easy and inexpensive. Read more....

Orange County Air Conditioning: Cooling Down Your Utility Expenses

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and air conditioning in Orange County can be responsible for as much as 43% of a home’s monthly utility bills. This can even rise during seasons when air conditioning and heating are needed the most such as winter and summer. However, homeowners don’t have to take this sitting down. There are relatively simple steps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature without having to pay a fortune for it. Proper Maintenance Issues like clogged air filters can severely hamper the performance of your air-conditioning system. It can also shorten the service life of your system, or if left unaddressed for too long, require expensive replacement. Therefore, proper and regular maintenance is vital. During this process, issues like leaks and broken parts are promptly detected and repaired by professionals. An efficient air-conditioning system doesn’t consume as much energy in order to do its job, leading to lower utility bills.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Air Conditioner Repair: Three Common Problems You Might Face Over Time

Like any other home appliances, your air conditioning is prone to damage. This may be caused by old age, lack of maintenance, or improper use. Whatever it is, you need to be aware of common problems that your air conditioning may be having. This way, you can learn how to fix them or know when to call a professional for help. Here are some common problems you may want to watch out for: Warm Air The job of an air conditioner is to cool a room, so when it starts blowing warm air, there’s definitely something wrong with it. This problem is usually caused by dirty filters. Because the dirt prevents cold air from flowing through the ductwork, the system isn’t able to produce the right quality of air. When this happens, check if there are leaves or debris blocking the airflow.