Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cooler Homes: Take a Look at Your Home’s Air Conditioning Systems

Your home’s air conditioner may be one of the most used systems in your house. You rely on it to keep your house cool during the hottest weather. You also trust it to keep the humidity out of your house during the most humid times of the year. As trustworthy as your system is, it needs to be serviced regularly to prevent its malfunction. You can keep it running as it should by knowing what kinds of services and repairs it may need. HVAC Services Provided by Professionals Many people who live in hotter climates use their air conditioners year round. When you run your system all the time, you need to have it checked regularly for Freon depletion. When you hire a service that specializes in air conditioning in Orange County, residents like you can make sure that the Freon level in your system is at the required level.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Leave Air Conditioning Repair, Upkeep, and Fitting to Professionals

The cool draft coming in through your windows and doors is a telltale sign that winter is just around the corner. A few more weeks and you’ll see Orange County landscapes already blanketed with snow. You must start cranking up your heating system before the cold takes its toll on your home or business. It helps to call a heating and cooling company like Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating to get your equipment ready for the deep freeze. Why You Still Need AC You may think that because summer is over, you no longer need the service of your AC. The truth is that your AC does not just cool the air in your home, but it also keeps it dry. During winter, the air outside, which mixes with the air that blows into your home through your vents, is cold and condensed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Keep Your Home Air Conditioning System Functioning Efficiently

Today, the latest technological advances are being used to create energy efficient air conditioning systems. If your unit or system is more than 10 – 13 years old, you may save as much as 50 percent on your energy bill by buying a new system. While you can keep the filter clean to maintain proper air flow, there are some situations when it’s better to let a professional air conditioning technician in Orange County handle the job, such as regularly maintain your system to prevent expensive problems.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Heater and Air Conditioning Repair for Efficient HVAC Functioning

Maintaining your heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) system throughout the year will ensure that it will function properly no matter what the weather. The last thing you want is an air conditioner that doesn’t work when the weather turns hot, or a heater that goes down at the first signs of winter. General heater and air conditioning repair in Orange County includes regular maintenance checkups, so major problems are avoided. After rent or mortgage, your energy bill may be your largest monthly expense. This, along with your family’s indoor comfort is the main reason it’s important to keep your HVAC system in good working order with quality A/C and heater repair Orange County. Here are some tips to help you make sure your home is being heated and cooled efficiently.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance: Dealing with a Faulty Thermostat

Are you wondering why your living room isn’t as cool as you want it to be, despite doing multiple adjustments to the thermostat? Before putting all the blame on your entire air conditioning unit though, you may want to take a second look at your thermostat. Little do you know, it may actually be the cause of your indoor temperature woes. Most homeowners rely on their programmable or automatically adjusting thermostat in keeping their energy bills in check and their homes comfortable. If you’re unsure whether the cause of an uncomfortable temperature in your home is a malfunctioning thermostat or not, do these simple troubleshooting steps.

Monday, September 14, 2015

HVAC Maintenance: On the Need for Heating or Air Conditioning Repair

Have you checked your heating and cooling systems lately? Perhaps it’s time for you to take a look and do some simple maintenance, especially now that fall is almost here. Maintaining your HVAC systems to keep them at their optimum performance can easily be done through the following easy steps—but for more serious issues with either of your systems, don’t hesitate to call on heating or air conditioning repair experts as soon as possible. Start with the Filter Filters are perhaps the least expensive maintenance item needed for an efficient heating and cooling system, but it’s one that’s often overlooked. To ensure your systems’ optimal performance, Energy Star recommends the replacement of air filters at least once every three months. New filters trap the usual contaminants, such as pet hair, dander, and dust, better than worn-out filters, thereby prolonging the life of your systems.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Important Benefits of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Orange County has a warm climate. Many days each year, local residents rely on their home’s HVAC system to keep the heat and humidity at bay and enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures. Residents contact an air conditioning repair service provider to fix their system when it breaks down, but to avoid the need for emergency repairs, it is important to schedule regular HVAC maintenance service annually. Fewer Repair Issues There are many factors that will lead to repair issues in a cooling system, and one of those relates to wear and tear through usage. When you have your HVAC system serviced regularly by air conditioning maintenance experts, you will help your AC unit to function more efficiently and effectively. This means that it may not have to work as hard or run for lengthy period of time to maintain your home at the desired temperature. Ultimately, this can lead to fewer repair issues, and reduce the headache related to HVAC repairs.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Warning Signs that You Need Expert Air Conditioner Repair Services

Abundant sunshine is one of the biggest benefits of living in Orange County, but clear and sunny days can result in high temperatures. When your air conditioner is working properly, you can enjoy cooling off in your comfortable home after a day of fun in the sun. However, air conditioning problems can make your house feel hot and uncomfortable quickly. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, you know it’s time to call on air conditioning repair services. Increased Energy Bills If the weather hasn’t changed much, but you are noticing increased energy bills, your air conditioner might be causing those higher balances. When an air conditioner is not functioning properly, it has to work harder to provide the standard cooling your home needs. This means that your system uses more energy than normal, which results in higher energy bills.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Find Out Which Air Conditioning Type Is More Appropriate for Your Home

So you’ve decided that you want a colder room to give you some comfort during those sweltering nights, but what type of air conditioning do you want for your home? There are many different types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to know what you exactly want and need, because installing the wrong AC unit in your house could either cost you more in energy bills or prove to be insufficient for the worst days of summer. Here are your possible options: • Window Air Conditioner Units – This type of air-conditioning is probably the best option if you’re thinking of cooling a room only. They are called window units because most people would install them by the window. The only problem with this is you need to make sure you have the right window type and size that will fit the AC unit you need. Some people would choose to drill a hole through the wall instead, but some housing structures do not permit this.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Health Tip: Avoid Temperature Changes with Air Conditioning Repair

During the summer, outdoor heat in Orange County, CA can be so excruciating that you simply can’t wait to get home and turn the AC on at full blast. Experts, say, however that this is a bad practice. Abrupt temperature changes, like entering an extremely cold room after a hot day outside can be harmful to the health, because it subjects the body to a certain level of stress. When you are exposed to extreme temperatures, your body naturally regulates itself to maintain your core temperature. Sweating when it’s hot, and shivering when it’s cold, are both natural thermoregulation techniques that our bodies do. A rapid change in temperature will throw this process into chaos, since the body will be forced to abruptly adjust to the new temperature. This is especially true when you enter an air-conditioned room while sweaty because the water (in the form of sweat) could instantly cool, making it feel like ice.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Time: Keep Your Orange County Air Conditioning in Good Shape

Summer is probably a lot of people’s favorite season. It’s a time when they love to go out to get some sunshine and go to beaches to get soaked. When indoors, however, people like to keep cool by turning up their air conditioning in Orange County. It’s important to regularly check on the air conditioning in order to keep it in good shape and to prevent any unfortunate malfunctions.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beat the Summer Heat: Orange County Air Conditioning Repair is Vital

Summer is a wonderful season, but the one thing that’s not wonderful about it is the heat. There’s no telling how hot it can get during the summer, and it’s best to be prepared at home. Homeowners who have central air conditioners should generally have no problem with the heat, but they could have if their unit is not in good condition. They should make sure to check their unit and have air conditioning repair in Orange County if there are any issues so that it would work efficiently during the summer.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Orange County Air Conditioning Maintenance: Tasks for You and Experts

Your air conditioner is a sophisticated piece of equipment that performs an important function for keeping your home comfortable. To ensure that it performs its job efficiently, you need to give it attention. Proper maintenance will help your Orange County air conditioning system work at optimal efficiency for a long time. You have to be aware, though, that there are things you can do by yourself and there are things you have to leave in the hands of experts. Things You Can Do This Old House, an online resource for home improvement and related topics, states that changing the filter is a task simple enough for the average homeowner. When the filter gets too dirty, the operating efficiency of the air conditioner suffers. When cooling season is ongoing, it’s recommended to replace the filter every month. If you have the washable type, clean it up with the same frequency.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Questions to Ask Before Getting Orange County Air Conditioning Repair

Do you need air conditioning repair in Orange County? Well, it’s a good thing you’re not trying to take things into your own hands. The air conditioner is a complex equipment that requires a certain expertise, even with the most minor of repairs. Repairing air conditioners fall in the hands of HVAC contractors and you can probably find enough companies in your area. Before you go off to make the call, here are some questions you might like to ask yourself first, so you’d know who to contact who can fulfill your need.