Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Air Conditioner Tune Up For Summer

Summer is here, yet the warmest heat of the season has yet to arrive. Is your air conditioning system chilling all parts of your house in Orange County the same as you have checked the last time? Has your bill gone up or is it similar to what you have before? If your answer is less than satisfactory, now would be a very good time to get an appointment from your trusted air conditioning repair experts in Orange County to have your system tuned up.
It is a good idea to get your A/C system tuned up at least once a year, as it will save up more money for both short and long term system use: http://www.phoenixsouthhvac.com/air-conditioner-tune-up-for-summer/

Friday, September 2, 2016

Orange County Air Conditioning Pros Offer 4 Tips to Hide Your AC Unit

You want your home to look its best. You equip it with the perfect roof, the perfect fixtures, and of course, the perfect air conditioning system. Unfortunately, like many air conditioning systems, yours is likely a blight in your yard. If you’re bothered about having an eyesore sticking out every time you have a barbecue with friends and family, there are certain tips that you can use to disguise your AC unit and make it blend in with the surroundings. Let your Orange County air conditioning pros show you how:

Build a custom cover

Cover your air conditioner with a custom enclosure that can keep it well-hidden and still allow it to function. If you have other outdoor machinery, it can be a good idea to group it together with your AC and build a single covering for all of them.