Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Find Out Which Air Conditioning Type Is More Appropriate for Your Home

So you’ve decided that you want a colder room to give you some comfort during those sweltering nights, but what type of air conditioning do you want for your home? There are many different types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to know what you exactly want and need, because installing the wrong AC unit in your house could either cost you more in energy bills or prove to be insufficient for the worst days of summer. Here are your possible options: • Window Air Conditioner Units – This type of air-conditioning is probably the best option if you’re thinking of cooling a room only. They are called window units because most people would install them by the window. The only problem with this is you need to make sure you have the right window type and size that will fit the AC unit you need. Some people would choose to drill a hole through the wall instead, but some housing structures do not permit this.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Health Tip: Avoid Temperature Changes with Air Conditioning Repair

During the summer, outdoor heat in Orange County, CA can be so excruciating that you simply can’t wait to get home and turn the AC on at full blast. Experts, say, however that this is a bad practice. Abrupt temperature changes, like entering an extremely cold room after a hot day outside can be harmful to the health, because it subjects the body to a certain level of stress. When you are exposed to extreme temperatures, your body naturally regulates itself to maintain your core temperature. Sweating when it’s hot, and shivering when it’s cold, are both natural thermoregulation techniques that our bodies do. A rapid change in temperature will throw this process into chaos, since the body will be forced to abruptly adjust to the new temperature. This is especially true when you enter an air-conditioned room while sweaty because the water (in the form of sweat) could instantly cool, making it feel like ice.