Tuesday, August 30, 2016

AC That Freezes? Here Are the Fixes!

What could be more aggravating and frustrating coming home after a long hot day only to discover that your AC is on the fritz!
An air conditioning repair company in San Juan Capistrano found few simple steps when this happens:
Turn off  the AC. Powering it off will allow the equipment to thaw.  Switch your thermostat to OFF and your Fan to ON and this will give your AC time to defrost and prevent it from freezing. The longer the air conditioner runs after it has frozen, the more ice will accumulate and the longer it will thaw.
After a reasonable thawing period, switch the thermostat on. If the air comes out cooler than the room temperature, then the AC is now up and running properly again.

Read more here: http://www.phoenixsouthhvac.com/ac-that-freezes-here-are-the-fixes/

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